Rants and rambles from another planet.

Slowing down


Saturday morning.  I have no obligations on this day and I usually wake up and need to get “a million things done”.  Never allowing myself to rest, to take time for myself and really do something I want to do.  I have been bombarded with so many passions bubbling up from inside of me lately, it’s hard not to want to rush.  I feel many of us have been feeling this way as well.  It’s this intense cosmic energy pushing us to realize at our core, who we are.  Who we reallllly, really are.

Anyway, so I woke up last week pretty sick.  Being stubborn, like I can be sometimes, I shrugged it off and thought, “I never get sick, it must be something else.”  I work just as hard as usual and whatdya know?  Coughing, sneezing, runny nose (understatement), feeling just so run down.  This is my passion in life, to heal the sick with natural remedies.  I’ve never really gotten to do that for myself though, being I never really get sick!  It took me a couple days to realize this gift from the universe.  Telling me to slow down, this is the way to your souls path.  I allowed myself to rest for the first time in who knows how long.  I spent allll day in bed yesterday, caring for myself, loving myself.  Something new has awakened inside of me now.  I feel so grateful for the healing powers of the planet.  I feel so grateful that I can love and care for myself in this way. And without any chemicals going into my body.  Just pure earthly love.  It’s a heavy feeling.  Then again, many things have been feelin heavy the past couple months.

Today marks a full moon. Actually a full moon/blood moon lunar eclipse!  Even if you’re not into astrology or anything cosmic, you have felt this energy.  It is crazy intense and knocks you off your feet.  Being in tune with it is an awesome thing for me.  Knowing what is going on and how to work with the energy has been extremely beneficial to me as of late.  These beautiful spring months are going to bring many changes, and I am open and ready.

Rant over!


Wintertime remedies

Chances are you’ve been sick within the past year or so.  Chances are this sickness has been a severe to less severe “cold” or “the flu”. Chances are you’ve taken some prescription meds to cure this ailment.  In my **humble** opinion, we can be a little less harsh on our one and only human vessel by at the very least TRYING to heal ourselves a more natural way.

My favorite herbs/remedies for the sick season:



A true nutritional powerhouse.  Elderberries (aka sambucus nigra) are best known for their healing properties against colds and the flu.  I take it at the first sign of a cold and feel better within hours.  Also used for improved vision and cholesterol health.  SIDE NOTE THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN especially in syrup form.

1. Passionflower


Don’t let this gals louuuuuud appearance fool you, she supports a calm mind when ingested.  This isn’t an herb that will help with a cold/cough (i mean, u never know) but helps me with the winter blues!  I really cant get enough.  Try out the tincture form!



Chances are you’ve seen this beautiful lady popping up in your neighbors garden in the spring.  Awesome immune support and a great infection fighter!  Pair her with goldenseal and you’re set.

4. Fire cider


A delicious blend of ginger, horseradish, onion, tumeric, apple cider vinegar, jalepenos, lemons and oranges!  Awesome anti-inflammatory and immune boosting powers!  These recipes are floating all over the web.

I am being very typically human and blaming my lack of enthusiasm for blogging on being too busy.  IT’S TRUE THOUGH, I feel so overwhelmingly busy lately I can barely type out my thoughts which is a huge, huge problem! SOS.

Feel free to share any of your favorite natural tonics!




Where are the answers?

>> They will always be within you.  Never without.  No exception here. <<

I’m lying here listening to a collection of ethereal tunes that are taking me to a place that looks a lot like the photo above.  To say the very least, I feel content.  A lot of transformation energies have been afoot and I am liking it.  I might not be saying the same thing in about a week or so but for now ima ride the wave.  Letting this weird so called life carry me across it’s realms……

Do me a favor and never look for anything outside of your own soul.  Except maybe your car keys or something.

Your own happiness will always come from the deepest part of your soul.. We all innately know this.  Sometimes, it’s hard to feel.  The fear is real. So strong and grasping we can barely wriggle away at times.  That’s okay, as long as we are AWARE this is happening.  I always try to be aware.

We all have this pre constructed notion of happiness.  There are many levels.  Letting go of fear is the first step to liberating yourself.  Breaking free from your own self! Letting yourself love yourself and others. Think of the person you love most in this world, then amplify that times 100000000x. Free yourself. Let it all flood thru you.

^^^ Total babbling/ranting ^^^ bc I feEL gOoD.



I am here alone on this gloomy saturday afternoon.  I am all too familiar with all of this.  Dead of winter, choosing (kind of) to be alone.  I have always been this way.  I used to pity myself for being so different, feeling so different than others.  Now it’s just there, I just let it be there, I am with it.  I am totally with this feeling.  Whatever this feeling IS.  I can blame others or I can blame myself. (me)

I think I cling to things because I don’t care enough.  My ego wants so badly to cling to something so petty and immature.  My soul loves anything stellar, anything intangible.  I have a hard, hard time balancing a happy medium between the two.  This year, I will try to find this so called happy medium and branch out.  This starts with necessarily cutting situations or people that no longer do anything positive for my life.

Tomorrow (January 4th), marks the first full moon of 2015 ( the new year).  It just so happens that the cosmos are pushing us to X anything out of our lives that doesn’t lift us up any longer. Major changes are in store if you let it happen.  Limiting beliefs are the only things holding us back now.  We are capable of anything, and we deserve it all.  What will you drag with you into your future, and what will you leave behind?

For me, this has never been easy. I DO NOT like to give up on anything.  I need to learn how to LEAVE what is so obviously not for me any longer.  People who do not treat me fairly, old thought patterns that seem comfortable but are really so, so self destructing.  I feel a big release coming soon, and I feel myself more confident than ever.

How will you start your new year?

New year blessings! x

It’s almost DECEMBER.

Okay so, I haven’t posted in quite some time due to busy life-ness and no computer of my own. I am currently typing this from my phone but it’s kool bc there’s now a WordPress app! I like this.

There has barely ever been a “theme” to my blog but I’m hoping this will SOON change! I have met/befriended so many new, lovely people with like interests lately. Some of which would like to collaborate with me to make some of my (our) deepest desires come true! That includes a website in the works. *~stay tuned~*

Other than that, I have a lot going on lately. In a good way. I have a job I actually enjoy, which many cannot say and I am pursuing my dreams of helping others. I feel blessed beyond measure and have to slap myself when I start complaining about anything. I can’t even believe that I ever DO. Ugh, so American of me.

My cat just jumped on my chest, obscuring my view of my phone so I’m taking this as a sign to put down my phone and be present. Or just pay more attention to her ( like she needs THAT..)

More to come this week, I hope!


Sacred wounds.

Happy October 13th!

This topic can get a bit heavy, so I am sorry in advance. Hehe. So, I have been attending a yoga TT 500 hour program. What we are working on now is our sacred wounds. We are also working with the dark goddess, KALI, who basically makes you dig deep into your soul to get rid of all that does not serve you. No big deal….

The sacred wound practices are unique and honestly pretty life altering. So much so that I need to write about it on here, right now. Basically, your sacred wound is the one thing that somehow started in childhood and has been the reason for your current hurts and reactions to situations. Mine, for example, is unworthiness. A lot have the wound ” betrayal “. Most of them go hand in hand.

I have always innately knew this was my wound, just didn’t have a word for it yet. I am always beating myself up in my head. I never think I am good enough for anyone. I consciously am aware of this, which is obviously a great step but now it also feels amplified. Oftentimes I find myself wondering why anyone even wants to talk to me while there are more interesting folks out there. Because of this, I have tried so hard to control situations I have 0 control over. I know, it all sounds so horrible!

I truly believe that the universe is now putting me in situations where I am shown just how self destructing I am. It’s really, really ugly stuff. I can now let go of these bizarre thoughts. I am just grateful I am being shown the way OUT. I know I am love. I know I don’t control any situation, ever. I know how worthy I truly am. I just can’t wait to feel this all, deeply.

So, I highly recommend finding your wound, and diving into it! If we don’t, we will continue to get beat up by the same patterns over and over again. Return to your source.

I like to pretend I am a Witch/Astrologer sometimes.

Actually, all the time.

It’s no secret to those close to me how into “weird shit” I am. I, for one, do not find it weird.. obviously. Ok, well maybe a little. In a good way. I also like to pretend people read my blog and follow my planetary advice. Maybe this will happen someday, WHO KNOWS?


As I hope some of you know, tomorrow there will be a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! This makes me way more excited/nervous than it probably should. I truly feel the energy and i’m not going to let any sudden changes bring me down. In fact, i’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to revel in this wonderful planetary energy. It’s a time of rebirth and going with the flow.

As i’m sure most white girls know, mercury is also in retrograde. Which, I press, should not even be an issue. This time, mercury in retrograde, is going to shower us with new beginnings and time to look back, heal old wounds and move on from negative feelings/people. It should not be feared or thought of as “Evil”.

We can feel powerless in these times but I like to remind myself that my decisions/responses are the only things that determine outcomes. I can react rashly or I can look inward and know this too shall pass. No astrological event can override our own reactions. Be a fighter, don’t let the mind be your leader. Make your mind your servant, as it should be.

Get out of your old ways of thinking. Nothing will ever change if you don’t do things differently. This is a huge time for new beginnings and letting go of what is not working anymore. Use this energy wisely and to your benefit! It’s there for the taking, that’s for sure. Evolution is very, very possible here with Uranus. (that sounded weird)

Listen to Libra and find your harmony. Stay safe out there, folks!


Go with it.

Many of us tell each other “be careful with your heart” or “use your head”. I, personally, think this is some pretty weird advice. Whenever I “use my head” I end up depressed or unfulfilled. In my opinion, our head doesn’t know shit. Our heart is where we feel those warm butterflies on the onset of love, where we feel it when someone we love gets hurt. Living from the heart is something I try to do every day.

Time after time, I will encourage those I love to follow their hearts. Even if it seems like a bad idea to the general public, do it. Take a risk in this short life you lead. Jump head first. BE “stupid”. If it aligns directly with who you truly are, nothing is going to go wrong. I am known to do this, and I am prettttty freaking happy. My life is full to the brim with love and warm energy.

I wish I had photos to share from my love fest of a weekend, but my phone is dead and i’m 100% unsure of how to get them on this computer. I am also still looking for someone who knows a thing or two about HTML. I also am extremely tired and didn’t proof read this post or anything so if you hate dat, sorry.

~ me ~

I haven’t drank coffee or come up with a good blog post In months


What I want to do with my life.

Isn’t that kind of heavy? For a random blog post? That’s fine.

I haven’t been putting my heart into my writings. Not for my training, not for my ~diary~ not for this ( lol ). Life has been putting pressure on my bones. The atmosphere feels heavy and I’m at a loss sometimes. This could be referred to as the dark night of the soul. Just waiting for the light. I haven’t been connected to my body the last few days.

So, back on topic. I had no damn idea what I wanted to do out of high school. Honestly, how do our fellow adult human beings even expect an 18 year old baby to KNOW THAT?! Oh my god! So bizarre. I took a few silly classes and eventually said I don’t even like the idea of college. Sue me, it’s not for everyone. I spent years just bashing myself for not being like everyone else. Now, I don’t really give a fuck. I think I’m great and that my path is great and my struggles are great. This took a lot of reflecting *not easy*. By the way, of COURSE college is a great choice for some people! I just dislike the idea, is all. I’m not “hating” in any way, shape or form nor would I ever judge anyone for going (obvi, its usually the other way around).

When I took my first yoga class, that was a moment for me. The meditation along with the asanas just clicked. “I am home!” I thought. After many classes and admiring the heck out of (most) of my instructors, I decided I want to do what they do. I want to share this gift to others. Make them FEEL it. So now I’m on my way. I know it would be difficult to base my career solely off of yoga teaching, so that’s not all I have planned for myself.

Plants. Our allies. Our pals. Our innate healers. We know this deep down. They are here, they’ve always been here, and they will be here long after us measly humans are gone. Yet, they give so much. Studying their healing properties is continuing to amaze me and I know this is something else I want to share.

I also can respect an organic farmer a lot more than a business man behind a desk. What would we do without food? How have we forgotten how important this is?! It’s crazy, to me, how far gone we are. How disconnected from our MOTHER (earth) we are. I would be elated to work with the earth as well. Giving back. Thanking her for all she gives us. We would be nothing without any of her gifts. I want to take these gifts and share the healing. If you’ve never researched permaculture design, do it! That is something else i’m really trying to get into.

So, that’s my silly ramble for the day. It’s been on my mind a lot. Getting started is hard but I know this is what I’m meant to do. I’m young in this life. I’m here right now. Isn’t that all there really is?


New months.

Hey, it’s October! Home of the cardigans and pumpkin spice lattes ( jk, i don’t like those ). The change in the air is palpable, in a good old nostalgic way. So, so much has changed in the past year. That’s what life is. Change. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking change has to remove people from your life instead of growing with them but what can you do?!

Nothing. You can never control another person, and that’s a beautiful thing underneath all that yucky stuff. Yucky stuff = emotions. Hehe. I feel very, very good about my current path, however. I haven’t felt such bursts of pure happiness.. in like.. ever. Life is giving me all the right tests at the right time and I am stronger than i’ve ever been. Personal ranting is my middle name, btw.

Autumn, to me, is about letting go. Let go of your idea of perfection, your idea of romance, your idea of a good looking body. It’s all in your head. Letting go is scary as shit but it is necessary and so liberating when it’s done. I, for one, will never be able to “get behind” others actions. I know beautiful people who don’t see their worth so they hang around people who are just.. not doing them justice. Going further down that black hole but there’s nothing I or anyone can do but just be there.

I really, really need to learn how to upload pictures so I can actually blog about one subject at a time without rambling. whoops. bye